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The Honey Bee and the Hive Exhibibition

I was invited by Wendy Ramshaw to participate in the exhibition - showing 2 large pieces of work made specifically for the exhibition theme.

The Honey Bee and the Hive “Bees, it is said are the most studied creatures on the planet after man”

In 2008 Sarah Edwards the Director of Contemporary Applied Arts asked me if I would curate an exhibition. I said yes and thought about a possible theme to draw together a group of craftsmen and women working in different materials and in different ways. I came to no conclusion until listening to Michael Wolff, co-founder of the renowned design practice Wolff Olins at the Albert Hall. During his speech of thanks to the Royal College of Art on behalf of the 2009 honorands he told the audience that the most important thing he could say was “Bees.” He continued: ‘Einstein once predicted that, “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.” No more bees, no more pollination …no more men’. I had found my theme. Twenty eight artist craftsmen and women have worked in their studios to create a magical exhibition of useful and decorative objects inspired by the honey bee and the hive. Through their work and inspiration they have brought unique objects into our world, which aim to demonstrate the wonder of the bee. All share a common concern for our dramatically diminishing bee population. In this exhibition they speak through their work to others who care for both bees and
Wendy Ramshaw (March 2010)
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