About my Work

My work draws inspiration from many disparate sources including engineering, architecture the geology, archaeology and ritual.

I am interested in challenging and pushing boundaries, continually seeking new material qualities and processes; striving to make work that has visual richness whilst conveying a sense of quietness and simplicity - the exclusion of the inessential. I also hope my work has an ambiguity, possibly suggestive of ritual or ceremony, yet ultimately leaving open questions of purpose or meaning.

My work is rooted in materials and involvement in the making process. I enjoy the challenge of striving for new aesthetic qualities through researching new techniques and alternative uses of materials, including developing a process of kiln casting ceramic aggregates and glass forming materials (a process more commonly associated with glass making).
Recently I have started introducing recycled glass and mineral waste, as a substitute for virgin raw materials. I am now exploring how I might combine my earlier clay pieces with the kiln cast glass; examining how the materials might be fused together in order to create contrast within single piece.
All my work is finished through a process of grinding and polishing.

I exhibit my work widely throughout the UK and internationally, regularly lecturer on my work and participate in international ceramics symposium. Work is featured in numerous books, journals and public and private collections.

Catalogue Quotes:

“Binns explores how clay can be altered and manipulated to evoke both imagined and manufactured archaeology, that makes reference to geological qualities of clay, while also creating an illusory history”.
“….intriguingly ambiguous, combining grandeur with a suggestion of function”.

Extracts from essay by Emmanuel Cooper in catalogue: ‘David Binns - New Work’
(Ruthin Craft Centre Publication) ISBN 1-900941-25-2

“These apparently simple shapes have a quiet gravity that is conducive to meditation”.

Extract from essay by Judy Dames from the catalogue ‘Collecting Contemporary Ceramics’ (National Museum of ales & Ruthin Craft Centre) ISBN 1 900941 92 9